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Would you move to find love?

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Last week a fellow globetrotting gal pal and I were sitting by the pool in Siem Reap, Cambodia during a 2-week trip to SE Asia. We were comparing notes about our recent dating lives. Or lack thereof. And our frustration at finding a sweetheart who had the means, time and desire to travel, and who had mutual attraction.

We share a lot of the same criteria for a man we’d welcome in our lives. We both want someone we find intellectually and physically attractive, and who could join us — even if only occasionally — on our global adventures. We’ve dated aggressively in our own home areas and not had much luck.

She asked, would you move to an area where there might be more of the type of man you’re looking for?

I thought about it.

I’ve tried long-distance relationships, and none have worked as I’ve found it’s way too hard to develop the closeness I want. But to move to an area just to find love?

Hmmm. Seems like a lot of effort.

She said she thought the men in Turkey and Greece would find me fetching. I have had a great time with the Greek men I’ve met. But then, there are Greek men in my area. Why not go to more Greek community activities?

But we kept talking.

How about just having an extended stay in one of those places, either domestically or internationally? Live there for a few months and see what happens?

She’s planning a trip to Turkey in the summer and invited me along. Maybe I’ll go on a man-scouting tour and see what happens. I’m not really into vacation romances, but I could see what the “inventory” is like.

Would you move to find love?

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