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Who’s Your Favorite? (A Hilarious Interrogation)

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Who's Your Favorite Hilarious Video

Parenting isn’t a competition. Well. It shouldn’t be. But, even for parents who work together perfectly, your heart can kind of feel like it got the silver medal and lost a little in some moments.

You ask if they want you to read them a story and they say, “I wan’ Mommy to wead to me.” Or when you’re splitting up to do separate things and they say, “I wanna go wiv Daddy.”

Now let’s look at a dad who goes after the BIG question: “Who’s your favorite?” In this video he’s jokingly interrogating his adorable toddler and it immediately goes very hilariously wrong, and just keeps getting better-worse. The captions are absolutely priceless! Enjoy!


“Now gimme my pony!” Hahahahahahahaha!

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