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When Did I Lose My Freedom of Speech?

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When Did I Lose My Freedom of Speech?

Maybe I didn’t lose my Freedom of Speech.  Maybe I gave it away. I am a peaceful person and I respect the rights of others. I believe “My freedom ends where your nose begins” and vice versa and I don’t have to believe the same way you do. I expect you to do the same for me.

For the past few months or so we’ve read of people protesting at the Donald Trump rallies. Nothin’ wrong with protesting. But they aren’t just protesting. These people are looting, destroying, threatening, and doing anything they can to keep Donald Trump from being heard. In Arizona when he was on his way to Fountain Hills where I live they blocked the two roads into town so no one could get here.  It caused all kinds of problems: no access to emergency treatment, a wedding almost got canceled, people couldn’t get to work, and Trump was very, very late to his event. That’s just a start to listing the problems they caused.

It’s happening more frequently and becoming more intense. It seems we’ve begun to accept it as a way of life. It’s just one more riot reported in the news. Ho Hum!

I don’t know about you, but I’m SICK and TIRED of it.

It’s not that I’m a Donald Trump fan. I’m a FREEDOM OF SPEECH fan. I’m generally easy going, keep my mouth shut and let everyone “be.” But enough is enough!

The strange thing about it is that the news media is not faulting the rioters/protesters. They are blaming Trump. How strange is that? It’s like blaming the victim for the school bully’s attack and not the bully.

Yes, he’s controversial. Yes, he’s abrasive. Yes, he makes people angry. Yes, many totally disagree with his views. But he has the right to voice them and we have the right to hear them without fearing for our lives.

In this country he has a right to be heard.

The protesters have a right to be heard, too. But they DO NOT have the right to hurt others, trash property, steal whatever they can grab and call it “protest.”

Here’s what the Constitution says in the First Amendment about Freedom of Speech

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Where do you read that only people with a certain view get to voice it?

Where to you read that rioting, theft and physical injury are a part of a “peaceable protest?”

When did we get so stupidly politically correct that those of us who still believe in the Constitution and  more traditional values—believe in law and order, believe that we all have rights to express our views, believe that the Constitution is the law of the land—sit in silence while the “protesters” riot, burn, destroy, and loot under the guise of THEIR right to be heard?  The Constitution says “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” I know I’ve said that over and over. I want you to “get it.”

Political correctness has made those of us who obey the law and respect the rights of others sit in silence because someone else might be offended. WELL, THEY ARE OFFENDING ME!

It’s o.k. for them to destroy but it’s NOT o.k. for us to speak out against it? That violates their freedom of speech? Too bad.

Well, I’m speaking out now. I want my FREEDOM OF SPEECH back.

I want to hear every political candidate state his or her platform whether I agree with him or her or not. YOU have to allow me that right without being afraid that you will bash me in the head when I leave the arena.

What do we do about it? We go to the polls and vote for the candidates who will uphold the Constitution of the United States. Look where the money is coming from and you can tell which is which.

Agree with me or disagree with me. It’s your right. Just do it in a peaceable manner.

I refuse to give any more of my Freedom of Speech away! Self Improvement does NOT mean you don’t stand up for your  rights and it doesn’t mean you have to be politically correct!

Let me hear what YOU think.

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