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Twas The Night Before Rogue One

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Twas The Night Before Rogue One

Twas the night before Rogue One and all through my shack,
Not a wampa was stirring not even a sarlacc.
The lightsabers were hung by the moisture vaporator with care,
In hopes that the Deathstar plans soon would be here.

The fans were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Darth Vader danced in their heads.
Director Krennic prancing around in his snowy-white cape,
As we slink around looking for a very important data tape.

And Jyn with her blaster, and Cassian in his cap,
Had settled on delivering the Empire a nice little clap back.
I looked at my tickets, my second viewing is a go,
I can’t even wait to talk about my new favorite droid, K2SO.

Now, Bodhi! Baze Malbus! Now, Chirrut Imwe!
Mon Motha! Bail Organa! And Saw Gerrera! Let us proceed!
We’ve got a mission to do, it’s got to be won,
Our only hope before the New Hope, they are our Rogue One!

The empire’s so greedy, most definitely not a chum,
And I’m proud to say that I am, in fact, proud Rebel scum.
May the Force be with you all, on an exciting tomorrow night,
When we make the jump to hyperspace at the blinding speed of light!

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