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Toddlers Priceless First-Time Reactions to Fireworks (Video)

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I remember being astounded by fireworks as a little kid. I love them, but… well, it wasn’t really a love-hate relationship, it was more of love-terror thing.

Now that I’m all grown up with three kids that are well past toddlerhood, I’ve had the chance to see the evolution of their awed reactions as they grew up. In the beginning, I made emergency evacuations when it was too much, I’ve had to use my hands as protective earmuffs, and then older and wiser, tied jackets around their heads as makeshift sound-dulling helmets.

They’re all old enough stare in wonder without covering their ears now, so it brings a cheek-crampy, nostalgic smile to my face to watch all these little kids’ joyfully terrified reactions to fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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