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Tips for delicious dating after 40

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(Readers: Ghirardelli asked me to write about my take on delicious dating and integrate a few of their products — which I do love. But full disclosure — they did send me samples. I thought you’d like this.)

The prospect of dating after 40 can strike horror in the hearts of many women. Even though some look, feel and are better than when dating in their twenties, many don’t feel they look their best. They know true beauty is what’s inside, but they don’t feel they are given a chance when the media –and many midlife men — idolizes hard bodies and youthful faces.

So how do you make dating delicious?

Delectability is as much about your attitude as it is about appearance. A tasty date can be at a high-end restaurant, but it could also be a walk in a park. Scrumptious dating is more about how you feel about yourself and the person you’re with than what you’re doing or eating.

Yes, it helps if the activity is something fun or interesting. But if you have a curious, positive attitude, almost any outing can be interesting. I’ve had fabulous dates without venturing beyond my neighborhood coffee house.

Yummy dating starts from within. I’m not saying a date with someone odious, rude and disrespectful can be tasty. But I once turned a date with someone who was insulting and uncivil into an analysis of abhorrent behavior. I then wrote about it in “Lessons from a bad date.”

Dating after 40No matter what the outcome of a date, it’s no reason to ruin your day. If it was a good date, I like to celebrate with a square of premium chocolate, like Ghirardelli’s Gourmet Milk Coconut Rendezvous. And if it wasn’t a great date, it’s a perfect reason to have some Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape™. I can’t think of any dating experience where chocolate doesn’t make it more delicious.


Dating over 40If you date like a box of chocolate, you’ll want to understand how to ethically see several men at once. So get your copy of Multidating Responsibly: Play the Field Without Being A Player.


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