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This Woman’s Time Capsule Will Transport You Straight Back To The 90s

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Cassette tapes and endless Titanic movie tickets were tucked inside the capsule.

If you’ve been craving some 90s nostalgia, then you’ll love this time capsule one woman made when she was a teen. Randi Bergman recently found her three-part capsule when she cleaned out her closet and decided to share the memories with the world.

“My mom made me clean the closet I left in peak mess when I moved out of my parents’ house,” explained Bergman, who lives in Toronto, Canada. She told Babble, “I totally didn’t remember putting it together which is shocking considering it took a whole year.” The year was 1998 and Britney Spears, ‘NSYNC, Dawson’s Creek, Titanic, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer were all very popular.

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Bergman decided to launch an Instagram account dedicated to unearthing each find from her time capsule. When reliving the wonder of our youth why not share it with others?

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“I almost was crying, it just made me laugh so much, just at how innocent and ridiculous I was,” she told Buzzfeed. “One of the boxes just includes any clipping from the newspaper about the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Titanic, any world event I thought was important.”

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“Even looking back at some of my diary entries at the time — I always had a positive spin on things I remember as not feeling great (not having a date to junior high prom, for example),” Bergman shared. “I had the type of blind confidence that led me to believe I was really going to need to find this capsule one day.”

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Who can forget friendship bracelets?

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No one could forget our most cherished possession: the cassette tape. Look at all these gems, too, “My heart will go on” from Celine and “Intergalactic” by Beastie Boys mixed in with “Ghetto superstar” from Pras, ODB, and Mya. Pure 90s perfection.

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Bergman even snuck some rubber bands for her braces into the capsule. I didn’t need braces as a kid but remained ridiculously envious of every friend that had them because of those damn rubber bands.

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Since she started sharing her capsule memories, Bergman’s story has gone viral. “I think it’s just something that everyone can relate to and it really speaks to that innocence and that fervor that kids have,” she said.

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