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The Sound Of A Living Memory

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I don’t really know how to introduce this video. I’m still caught up in it…

There are experiences as a parent that defy words. This is most certainly one of them. I don’t have all the details but from the description of the video it looks like a young girl was the recipient of a healthy heart donated to her by the parents of a 6-year-old boy who’d passed away.

The parents flew to California to meet this recipient, now 3 years into her experience with her healthy heart, and this moment captured on video defines the reason why I decided to become an organ donor.

That someone may take those extra moments and do something great with them. That we could play or dream or exist just that much longer, through someone else’s gift of time. That we should all get some expended time added back to our human ledgers.

It’s a remarkable thing.

Please consider donating your organs as well. Visit and register today.

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