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The Emotional Moments When Military Fathers Come Home

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With Memorial Day just behind us and Father’s Day right around the corner, I found myself thinking about what it would’ve been like if I’d served in the Armed Forces.

The first thing that struck me — and I must confess that it had never really fully hit me before — was how much I’d miss my kids. Yes, I’d miss my wife, my family and my friends, but I’d miss so many once-in-a-lifetime firsts and unrepeatable moments with my kids.

Even without paying the ultimate sacrifice of laying down one’s life for our country, all service men and women sacrifice part of their lives at home, and for military parents, part of their life with their kids.

I watched a homecoming video recently and it was so evident how much they missed and worried about one another, so far apart. So, I made a compilation video to share a handful of the powerfully emotional and touching moments of fathers coming home. You may need some military-grade tissues for this one.

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