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The Best Carrie Fisher Interview

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I didn’t really know what to post today.

I’m pretty stunned by the news that Carrie Fisher has passed away despite early reports of her improvement. In certain respects, I shouldn’t necessarily be entirely surprised. She liked to joke around a lot about her health, her addictions, the pitfalls she’d faced — and it just made her that much more human to us. Carrie lived in the public eye with a certain kind of middle finger attitude that I just adore.

And yet, she was a Princess, a General, a Mystery Woman, an icon. Ms. Fisher lived a big life. One with so many twists and turns that you’d get carsick reading it. She was a star. Through and through. But such a realist, she seemed to never take any bullshit. And that is one of my favorite things about her.

Her casual brilliance was probably not easy to for men to understand, so they’d relegate her to small boxes or I imagine they’d hold her back. But that would never be.

Thank you, Carrie. For everything. For making my childhood what it was. For teaching me things into my adulthood. And then coming back to close a circle on my childhood as an adult, and remind me how genius you are. Thank you.

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