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The Antidote

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One of the hardest parts about being human is our inability to travel forward or backward in time on a whim, to gain instant perspective. We can look at our day or our month. We can look through the telescope of our mind at these moments scattered about us, but how does time affect our judgment in the moment? And what would we do, how would our actions change is we could peer into the future?

It’s easy to get near-sighted about life. There’s just so much demanding our attention all the time. We’re infected with the present moment and everything it asks.

But this video literally an anti-venom, the antidote to the disease we all face of being human and stuck in ourselves at this moment in time. Get your shots and watch it.

I think we can all give this dad a pass on his vertical video problem. For now. But we hope it never happens again.

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