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Special Encore: Move from Suffering Into Joy

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Special Encore: Move from Suffering Into Joy

Move from Suffering into Joy

For this week’s radio show we have a woman who has figuratively speaking, “Been to Hell and Back” and didn’t allow her past to make her bitter or unhappy in the present. In fact, she helps people overcome those negative emotions to live a life filled with joy.

When Lynn Cockrum-Murphy was three years old, she was burned badly in a fire that took her two sisters and her father. She experienced further overwhelming setbacks and losses and now shares the poignant story of her experiences and the power of questioning, seeking, studying, and living in hope that a joyful life is possible no matter how heartbreaking the past. Instead of giving in to family dysfunction she moved beyond the events of the past and now writes about dealing with trauma, loss, abuse and family alcoholism. She shows there is a way to happiness. Interwoven as she recounts the events are actions, steps, tools, even a reading and movie list to help anyone who has felt stuck due to trauma move forward from suffering and victimization into a spiritual life filled with joy and love. Her story and insights are a model of hope, action and success.


Lynne Cockrum-Murphy is an intuitive consultant specializing in helping people move forward on their spiritual path. Lynne received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Master’s Degree from the University of Oregon and her doctorate from Arizona State University. She is a certified ThetaHealer® and Instructor, a certified Access Consciousness Bars® healer and Instructor, a channel, a licensed substance abuse counselor since 2003, adjunct university professor, meditation instructor and a best-selling author. She recently released her second book, Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind which describes the trauma of her childhood and how she moved beyond the dysfunction and events of her past.

If you need to move your life from suffering into joy, don’t miss this show.



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