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Runway Snowball of Pure Awesome: Keaton Jones

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There is a lot of really terrible stuff on the internet these days. It’s a stark landscape of divisive, combative stuff sometimes. Lots of anger. Lots of sadness. Lots of confusion.

But there are some really cool shining beacons of hope, too. Some posts that can shift your thinking or lift you up to new heights.

Meet Keaton Jones. Hear his story.

Keaton is, like many of us, just trying to survive in a world seriously lacking in humanity and compassion. There’s a sustenance that can be hard to find in schools, if the our culture permits it. We just want to be accepted, understood.

Watching this take off and snowball into a ball of awesomeness for Keaton, who represents us in so many ways, has been so heartwarming. As a father, I see Keaton as my own son. What would I do? What could I say?

Some notable names have jumped in…

Could we add to this snowball of love and spread the message for those who haven’t spoken up yet? Let’s do it.

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