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Review: Unwrapping the New Canon Maxify Printer Series

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canon maxify printerBeing a small business blogger is hard work, but it does come with some nice perks. For one, I get to review some of the latest and greatest tech products before they hit the mainstream. And when I opened my front door to find a brand new Canon Maxify Printer waiting for me to unwrap, a sense of childish excitement took over.

Now I know what you’re thinking: This guy is going to write a good review no matter what. And you know what? I am going to write a good review. Not because I got a freebie, but because this particular freebie kicks ass.

This printer is an absolute workhorse. I received it hours before my wedding, and immediately put it to work printing all sorts of pictures, table displays, itinerary  sheets and everything else my now-wife requested (insert whipped jokes here.) The Canon Maxify handled the task with ease, printing photo quality prints on a variety of papers and card stocks.

For old school B&W printing, the MB2700 series is able to easily spit out large documents quickly. The official number from Canon is 24 pages per minute, and I saw similar output. Though the speed was (slightly) lower than my laser, I like the versatility that comes with the MB2700’s color options, scanning tray-based scanning and double-sided printing.

I won’t pretend it’s all sunshine and fairy tales. I did have some issues installing the printer with my Macbook Air, though this is the case with most printers I try to connect. Most functions work just fine – I just can’t seem to install the  advanced scanning features that come with Canon’s specialty IJ scanning software. Additionally, this printer is a bit on the big side, so it’s not a great fit if you planned to put it on a smaller home office desk. I’d recommend a dedicated table or space to avoid workspace claustrophobia.

Overall, I’d rate the Canon Maxify MB2700 with 4 out of 5 stars. The performance was excellent, giving me a wide variety of printing and scanning options (I don’t use a scanner, so for the 18 people who still do, you’ll have to test that feature yourself.) My only drawbacks were external, with Mac compatibility and physical space leading the negative feedback.

Rating: 4/5

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