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Pottery Barn Kids’ Halloween Costumes Are Next-Level Adorable

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These costumes are a ridiculous level of cuteness

Halloween is rapidly approaching and if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect costume for your little one (and also, have close to a Benjamin to burn,) have we got good news for you.

Pottery Barn Kids has basically the cutest Halloween costumes out there — if you don’t mind parting with some serious coin.

Now before you see the $40-130 price tags and shit a kitten, think of how much use your kiddo could get out of a sturdy costume all year-round in their dress-up bin, instead of just one night? My children are older now, but back in the days of requiring a box full of fun outfits to play with, these well-made ensembles would’ve come in very handy.

Besides, add up how much you typically spend on those crappy costumes that fall apart almost immediately but can still run upward of $40 while also requiring you to buy accessories, tights, and shoes to make it work. I’m looking at you, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz that comes with only a dress despite my daughter needing Toto in his basket and of course, freaking ruby slippers.

Enter Pottery Barn Kids with the sweetest costumes on planet earth plus, all other planets.

A baby flamingo? Yes please. (It also comes in toddler and big kid sizes in case you want a family of flamingos.)

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Or a baby panda. Are they even god damn kidding? I will eat him up.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

You guys, they have a beetle costume. Look at those wee little antennae and shiny blue wings.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

And a firefly so you can outfit a pair of adorable bug siblings.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

They offer a stunning collection of Monique Lhuillier fairy costumes that will set you back $129, but whimsical flower girl dress anyone? You could get plenty of use out of this beauty after Halloween night.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Or how about an actually authentic pirate outfit? He looks like he stepped off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean instead of the aisles of your depressing local costume store.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

This precious little deer is making me reconsider my “Oh hell no am I having a third kid” policy because I need someone to put this outfit on. If you have a small child I can force to wear it, please apply within.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

If your rugrat is hoping for something more ferocious than a timid forest creature, there’s this insanely cute (and warm for those cold trick-or-treaters up north) rhino disguise.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Luckily, your tot doesn’t have to be super tall to rock this super sweet giraffe tutu ensemble. Those ears. We cannot.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Be ready to die of adorableness because I’ll bet you’ve never seen A PUFFERFISH COSTUME. Sorry for the caps, but pufferfish make me lose all chill. Look at this little guy — can you blame me?

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

But if you’re hung up on an avian theme after peeping that blindingly cute flamingo get-up, PBK has you covered with both a pelican

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

…and a peacock.

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

They also have tons of licensed character costumes including Star Wars, Cars, and Snoopy. Only instead of lasting until barely the end of trick-or-treating before getting a rip in the leg, these will be in your playroom for years to come.

Happy shopping!

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