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Playgirl centerfold returns

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(Read about our first encounter)

A few days ago he returned from his global travels and was in my city for a few days. He remembered that my birthday is today so he decided to treat me to an early birthday celebration. He’s still handsome and buff at 61, but perhaps not as much as when he posed for Playgirl 30 years ago.

In addition to his good looks, he’s attentive, intelligent, humble and funny. I briefly thought of abandoning rationality and suggesting a romp in the hay. I’m pretty sure he would have been game. But then I remembered that trysts are like Chinese food — soon thereafter, I’m hungry for something more substantial.

We’ve been in contact monthly since our first encounter. But I still don’t feel I know him well.

He suggested we travel abroad together. I’ve been invited to accompany men to Paris, Rio and on cruises, but always declined because I didn’t know them well enough to share a room. But Mr. Playgirl strikes me as different. But then, I’ve misjudged seemingly good guys before, only to learn differently when I’ve gotten to know them better.

So I want to get to spend more time together before I agree to be a traveling partner, no matter how much I long for an international travel buddy. We already know we have similar travel styles and like to explore similar types of sights.

The internal debate is whether to seize the day and just go for it, or proceed cautiously and make sure I’m totally comfortable before buying a plane ticket. My adventurous self battles with my cautious self.

Have you had these type of internal battles when starting to spend time with someone? Have you leaped for adventure or stayed cautious? What happened? Would you do the same again? What did you learn from your choice?

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