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Parenterms: “Adorablewhelming”

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Our kids can achieve levels of cuteness that, before becoming parents, we would never have believed even possible.

It doesn’t need to be some viral YouTube video of a moment. It can simply be the most mundane thing our kid does that turns us into glowing emotional wrecks. A lump in our throat makes our voice a little funny. We’re possessed by uncontrollable laughter or giggling. We’re so filled up inside with pride or love that it pushes tears out of our smiling eyes. It’s like 1.21 gigglewatts sizzling through the motherboard of our hearts.

Sometimes we’re just absolute and completely adorablewhelmed.

I can, of course, write a definition for “adorablewhelming” just the same as some scholar can write an exceptional definition for “love,” but they both suffer the requirement of experience to truly be understood.


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