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Pampering on Purpose—Why treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous.

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Pampering on Purpose—Why treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous.

All the demands of modern life causes many of us to forget to actually take care of ourselves both mentally and physically. Everyday we are constantly bombarded with work and personal responsibilities. A hectic schedule can make spending a whole day at the spa impossible and overly indulgent. However, making time for yourself and pampering yourself can help not just improve your physical health but also your mental health. Here are some ways personal pampering can benefit you:

  •  Stress relief – Indulging in a relaxing massage or even just eating an expensive meal that you normally would not eat can help stimulate pleasure senses in your brain that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Practicing regular self-care can vastly improve how you manage your everyday stress. Moments of pampering yourself can help you forget the pile of work you might have or that big interview you have next week.
  • Improve body image -According to, research has shown that women who practice kindness to themselves have better body image perceptions and healthier lifestyles. Treating yourself every once in awhile can help you appreciate your own self-worth. Even a just buying yourself a new dress can help you feel more confident and improve your self-esteempampering on purpose
  • Help With Health and Nutrition – Personal pampering days often come from wanting to spoil yourself, but it can also lead to good health and nutrition. Going to a spa for treatments or sauna can be great ways to get rid of toxins in your system and improve your skin. Treating yourself to a sweet snack such as chocolate or a cookie can help you keep balance in your usual diet. Giving yourself indulgent treats once in a blue moon can help you appreciate the usual healthy diet you might keep on regular days.
  • Better Personal Relationships – Pampering yourself can lead to better relationships in your life. From work relationships to romantic relationships, your interactions with others can improve when you treat yourself better. When you are happy, others around you are influenced by your positivity. In addition, people who put themselves as a priority are more likely to recognize their own faults and correct their actions when needed. They are also more likely to empathize with others and be able to effectively communicate with others.
  • Improved Overall Happiness – Treating yourself to little indulgences such as sending yourself flowers or meditating everyday can help improve your overall happiness. Taking responsibility for your own happiness helps you to appreciate when you do things for yourself. Once you realize that your happiness is dependant on how you treat yourself you will be more inclined to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself includes pampering not just the others around you, but yourself as well.

Pampering yourself does not have to be an every day or even every week expense, but instead save a little money for your “Treat Yourself” day. This can help you look forward to something as well as make it more special. Self-care will lead to self-love and results in an increase in overall happiness.

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