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Paddy Fievet—a Modern Mystic—on The Self Improvement Show Thursday

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Paddy Fievet has been with us before and was one of those guests you just HAVE to have back. Her story is compelling, And she tells it with a rich southern accent and a sense of humor that makes you feel good hearing it. We will walk with her through her divorce, paralyzing agoraphobia and panic attacks. And, hopefully, we will emerge with her to self-discovery and new spiritual connection. We will talk about her latest book “The Eagle’s View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism.” She may just inspire you to know that you, too, have a sacred story that must be realized and expressed. You are “cordially invited” to hear this remarkable, loving, funny, profoundly spiritual and delightful woman named Paddy Fievet.

About Paddy Fievet

Paddy Fievet spent the first fifty years of her life following Southern society’s directives for a conventional life. After decades of becoming the period at the end of society’s sentence, she was barely surviving. To thrive, she turned to the Divine for direction. Embracing her intuition as the voice of that Divine connection, she traveled the world.  She rediscovered her authentic self at deeper, more meaningful levels. Eventually, she earned a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Through this transformational awakening she realized that instead of just living, Life desires to express itself through each of us. She has authored “When Life Cried Out and “Making of a Mystic.” Now her third book is in print—The Eagle’s View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism.” Paddy works as a modern mystic, speaker, storyteller, teacher, and writer as she assists others in discovering their own Sacred Story.



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Yury Zvyagolskiy
In almost all American movies there is a bad guy who is usually Russian and his name is Yury. If the bad guy is not from Russia, his last name usually starts with Z. So here I am - Yury Z. My specialty is personal effectiveness. I am an expert in goal achievement, personal effectiveness, relationships and effective thinking.

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