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Our Futuristic Photo Albums

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We live in a very futuristic today. The world is so technological, in ways very few people could have ever anticipated. And since parenting is the most basic building block of humanity, it’s obviously been affected in many ways.

Back in the day, a mom might have made a scrapbook (without the help of Pinterest or YouTube tutorials) and a dad might have built a tree house together with his kid (without the help of Pinterest or YouTube tutorials). It’s not that parents aren’t still doing these things for their kids, but nowadays they can also do some pretty amazing things with technology.

Daniel Hashimoto and his son (Action Movie Kid) have taken this to infinity and beyond with his skill in special effects and editing. Here’s a collection of some of his amazing futuristic family “photo album.”

Volume 1


Volume 2


I cherished the things I’ve been able to make with my kids to put out on the internet, sharing the fun of my experiences with my kids with the world. It’s like a weird global slide show that, hopefully, doesn’t put everyone to sleep. They’re memories we love to look at and watch again together.

Even if a parent’s skill with a computer is limited, we all do it these days to some degree with social media and the internet. Our phones are bursting with pictures and videos. The future really is now. It may seem unromantic to some because we can compare it to preciousness of leather-bound albums with rare photographs or mementos, but it’s just the way things are now. They’re our captured experiences with our kids.

That will always be precious.

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