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Our 5 Favorite Holiday Gifts From Target

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We’ve always been big Target fans over here at Scary Mommy, and our love has only deepened as their commitment to equality and inclusion has amplified. While conservative groups are boycotting the store, we’re rejoicing and whipping out our Red Cards with glee.

Here’s what we’re most excited about buying today…

1. CHI Air Classic Flat Iron Bright Gold Gift Set. Bring straightening your hair to a whole new level with this gold gift set. We want. ($99.99)

2. Women’s Wrap Sweater. It’s a blanket. It’s a sweater. It’s both, and that’s kinda the best thing ever. ($29.99 plus 30% off)

3. Orla Kiely Cosmetic Bag. Adorable to look at and roomy enough for everything you need, with a separate compartment to keep brushes clean. ($19.99)


4. Cinnamon Chai Latte Mercury Jar CandleThe perfect holiday smell in a jar that you can reuse once the wax is gone. Yum. ($14.99)

5. Primula Pace Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Any iced coffee lover knows that cold brew is really the only way to go. Save the trip to Starbucks and make it yourself! ($19.99)

Thank you, Target, for making it so damn easy to love you.

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