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My Wife Just Said… #335

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I’m not sure most parents realize or fully appreciate that they get to be mythological characters for their kids. We get to be things like Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and so forth. I’m actually kinda realizing it myself, that there are quite a lot of fantasy roles we get to play as parents.

I’m a big fan of being mostly the Great Pumpkin. My wife loves chocolate, but she’s pretty particular. I’m about as particular as a garbage disposal. So, on Halloween, taking my kid out to trick-or-treat has some of the tresure-hunting enthusiasm of my youth. When he shows me how full his bag is getting, there’s something more than pride that stretches my face into a beaming smile.

This isn’t to say, we’re those wet blanket parents that take away all the candy, but we do what we can so he’s not chomping like Pack-Man through pounds of sugar. It works for us: he gets his favorite candy and some cash to buy a toy or some other random thing.

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