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My Wife Just Said… #330

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I have to imagine that other parents do this thing my wife and I do, when deciding what we’re going to watch. After the kid’s bedtime, and by that I mean, after he’s gotten up once or twenty times, when he actually goes to for-real sleep, we settle down for some of our own hard-earned screen time.

We then start a process of choosing what we’re going to watch based on how wiped out we are. We take into account how long we’ll probably last, the length of the show or movie, how many nights we may need break up watching it, or whether it’s even interesting enough keep the parental coma away.

“Nope. That’s the season finale, so it’s 2 hours long. Let’s wait on that.”

“Who was it who said this was a really good movie? Are we sure that’s actually a reliable recommendation?”

“Maybe we should just watch a short cooking show or something tonight, you’re three yawns in.”

Lemme tell ya, it adds a whole new thrilling dynamic to choosing what to watch. Which is always so much FUN, right? Ugh.

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The fun doesn’t have to stop here.

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