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My Wife Just Said… #290

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My Wife: Charlie, I still have a headache. Can you please rub my shoulders a little bit?
Me: Sure, just let me put my Apple Watch back on to track the calories I’ll burn.
My Wife: … 😑

So, we went on a crazy death march this weekend. You could call it a hike. I would call it pain. Anyway, we are very out of shape. I would call it gelatinous. We trudged 3 miles, encountered deadly animals, and ultimately made it through. But we had a couple injuries (of course), and my wife had a bad headache. And in an effort to focus more on my health, every single activity I do needed to be catalogued and analyzed. Even massages. Does that make me weird?

Can you tell we're not used to having rain here in Los Angeles? ///Finn Capen Approved///

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