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My Wife Just Realized… #295

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She went on to say that she thought the world would be a better place if people just wore pajamas all the time. I’m not sure if I agree that’d make a huge difference to the issues humanity faces, but by golly, it seems like it’d be worth a shot. It doesn’t seem like it could hurt!

She really is a pajama evangelist of sorts. She’ll test the limits of how soon and often one can wear them, too. She’s been out to grocery store before it closed covered in kitten and tea pot patterns. Sometimes we’ll finish dinner and it’ll seem like I’ve only blinked and she’s donned her PJs. And this is even when we’ve had friends still over. Not exaggerating.

For my wife, and I’m guessing for many others, pajamas aren’t just a nighttime outfit, they’re also a way of life AND a state of mind. Very comfy ones, at that.

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