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Meet The World’s Biggest A-hole

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As parents, we usually fit into one of two categories at some point or another:

1. Worrying we’re doing it wrong/poorly/inadequately/uninspired/uninformed.
2. Knowing we’re ruining things for our kids, in their minds or ours.

So, color me surprised when I saw a video about the world’s biggest poopface.

Sorry. NSFW language ahead. I have to turn off my internal NSFW-o-meter after being around kids all the time. This guy’s story about his contribution to the world’s megadouchery is extraordinary, but the end of it may change your life. It changed mine.

The fact is, I don’t care if you think you’re an asshole to your kids. Even the smallest acts of kindness or heroism can have profound impacts on the future. Give yourself some credit. There’s no yardstick for parenting. No perfect manual that explains your kids let alone your relationship with them. Try your best. That’s all you can do.

But if you think you’re an asshole and your kid saves someone’s life, brings greater kindness to this world or otherwise defies your hateful heirloom qualities, you may already be a winner. In spite of yourself. So, there. And I thank you for the gift you’ve given to world.

Because the world is in need of gifts right now.

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