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Meet Eric Lyons – The TaskRabbit Power User

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Want to make a ton of cash through odd jobs? Are you looking to supplement your income on the side? Eric Lyons has figured out how to do exactly that.

On Sunday night I was fortunate enough to speak with Eric about his experience using TaskRabbit. For those who aren’t familiar, TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood.

During our conversation, we delved into the nuances of how Eric first learned of the site, how he signed up and became a trusted user and discussed a few of the craziest jobs he has completed. Yes, he did in fact do someone’s taxes.

Below is a record of our conversation.

How did you first learn about TaskRabbit and begin using the site? For the readers’ sake, what exactly is TaskRabbit?

I first found out about TaskRabbit by word of mouth and believe most other users did as well. It’s not a super well-known resource quite yet, but definitely is gaining traction. Every time I mention the site to someone here in LA, they are fascinated by the idea. I am constantly introducing TaskRabbit to others. TaskRabbit essentially began as an errand-running service and has now made a transformation to include handyman work, furniture building, administrative tasks and moving help, among other things. Taskers (independent contractors like myself) set their rates for various job categories and then clients can read their profiles, experience and backgrounds before hiring us for a job.

How does an individual set up a profile on TaskRabbit?

I did a virtual interview. The site poses roughly a dozen interview questions that will pop up on your screen in text form and the interviewee replies on his or her web cam, live. They then screen the answers from your video and process them. After a week or two, they officially hire you as a TaskRabbit. The site performs a background check and anyone looking to hire you will be able to see that when reading your qualifications, bio and credentials.

How do you gain traction on the site? How do you get 5 or 6 tasks and gain credibility?

I recently completed a second orientation because if you don’t use the website for over two months, you’re required to participate in a 2-hour orientation to get reacquainted with both the interface and protocol when interacting with clients. They were explaining in the orientation that a girl just starting out in her first week as a TaskRabbit made $750 in her first week. For her, it may have been more of how she worded her profile and her qualifications. It’s most likely one of those things where she really sold herself well.

People also look for great rates. As the TaskRabbit, you set your own rates. I’ll be a personal assistant for $25/hour. I’ll be your landscaper for $20/hour. I’ll do your delivery for $16/hour. Many people look for that lower rate while still wanting to hire someone who sounds qualified. Having a fair rate and also constantly picking up dropped

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