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Maximumble: Glasses Off

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Life with kids can feel pretty blurry at times. It’s hard to see your way forward and a clear vision of the future can change rapidly. Sure, we can shut our eyes and fumble our way through the journey, but kids demand our attention. A lot.

So we look outward, blazing a trail. We plan, schedule, organize, and provide for our children. And then they throw a tantrum. Or poop in the tub. Or bite someone at school. Or dump their dinner on their lap. Or smack their sibling.

So then you just gotta take off your glasses for a moment, rub your eyes and say COOL STORY, KIDS. IMMA TAKE A MINUTE.

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Yury Zvyagolskiy
In almost all American movies there is a bad guy who is usually Russian and his name is Yury. If the bad guy is not from Russia, his last name usually starts with Z. So here I am - Yury Z. My specialty is personal effectiveness. I am an expert in goal achievement, personal effectiveness, relationships and effective thinking.

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