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Love is Spoken Here

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Love is Spoken Here

I just received an email inviting me to join in a gathering to “bring light to the darkness” as we pray for those affected in the Orlando massacre. The gist of the letter was that this incident is not going to keep us from reaching out to anyone in need. It reads, “Our sanctuary will overflow with music of faith, words of wisdom and deep connection.  Whoever you are, whatever your path, you are welcome and wanted.” It went on to quote Rev. Petra Weldes, Spiritual Director of a church in Dallas: “May the recognition that we—loving, truth-seeking, spiritual people—will not be swayed from our course of human rights and decency for all… No matter what the difference, Love is spoken here”

Love is spoken here.

Those are powerful words. They were said about a church but can apply to any of us and our homes.

Regardless of what your language is, is love spoken at your house? Is love spoken by YOU?

Real love cannot be spoken by someone spending their time hating everyone or anyone.

Real love cannot be spoken by someone who has no love for himself or herself.

Real love cannot be spoken from a place of judgement.

Real love is color-blind, forgiving and all-inclusive and asks questions and makes statements like:

  • How can I help you?
  • You seem to be hurting. Is there anything I can do?
  • I know you’re in pain right now. I’m just going to be here with you.
  • I’m here to listen.
  • I know you’re not feeling very loveable right now. But I’m here and I love you.
  • You haven’t eaten for how long? Let’s go get some food for you.
  • You’ve been made fun of because you’re ____________? They must not see what I see.
  • You are safe here.
  • You are loved here.
  • I know we don’t always agree on _________ but I love you just the same.
  • What do you need?

Love  May Look Like This

Love may not always be spoken out loud or put into words at all. It is best spoken from the heart and manifested in actions. It looks like kindness. It looks like compassion. It looks like forgiveness. Sometimes it looks like a bottle of water or a plate of food, or some shoes when the hot pavement will burn bare feet. Sometimes it looks like a warm shower or a safe place to take a nap or get a night’s sleep. Sometimes it looks like giving someone a ride. Sometimes it is a simple as giving someone a smile or a genuine hug that says “You matter.”

Love starts with you and radiates out to all those around you.

How much love does it take to reach “critical mass?”  I don’t know but why don’t we find out?

So I ask again? Is love spoken at your house? Is love spoken by YOU?


Disclaimer: I am talking about us as human beings and our responsibility for our fellow humans. I am not  talking about the government’s responsibility to keep us safe. That is another subject altogether. Agree or disagree?

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