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“Living Well in the Digital Age” Guest: Steven Keller

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“Living Well in the Digital Age” Guest: Steven Keller

On Thursday’s Show Steven Keller and I will talk about living well in the digital age.

Most people want to be well and live happy, productive lives. However, in these times of high stress and sedentary lifestyles, this can present a challenge and some people go from physician to physician seeking help. But there is more to healing than simply visiting the doctor’s office and getting a prescription. Today we are talking with Steven Keller of Keller Healing Arts Center in Austin, Texas about all aspects of healing. He will share with us what he does at The Keller Healing Arts Center in Austin, Texas to help people regain their health so they can live the full, productive lives they seek. Some of the topics we will cover will be the effectiveness of muscle testing, The Healing Codes, the role of emotions in health and wellness, holistic coaching, the effective use of supplements and more. Don’t miss the chance to hear this healing expert talk about “living well.”

Steven Keller’s Bio

Steven Keller has almost 20 years’ experience in helping clients overcome physical and emotional challenges. His Double BA from the University of California at Davis has given him the ability to think critically. Subsequently 2 years of Bible School gave him the ability to effectively apply biblical and spiritual principles to change people’s lives. He has spent many years building large sales organizations and helping people reach their potential in business. From his business success he was able to meet and be mentored by many successful people in different fields. In 2007 this wide range of experience was synergistically put together to start doing “emotional coaching.”   Everyone needs someone to turn to, even professionals in the field of “people work.”  Steve is a “coach’s coach” – leading coaches to breakthrough in their personal & professional lives.  In January 2014 he and his family made Austin, Texas their new home.



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