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Kids Can Be Such Little Sh… Darlings (7 Comics)

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Of course, kids are soooooo worth it. But let’s acknowledge the fact that no one ever says something is “worth it” unless it comes at a cost. And saying parenting comes with a cost is like saying a space shuttle is a bit on the pricey side.

So, let’s laugh at 7 Fowl Language Comics not as a slam on kids, but as an celebration for the shhh-stuff we endure in raising them and loving them despite it all.

The poor naive fools.



Nightmares are a kind of dream.



Parents WISH bedtime was only “boring.”



Why even ask “Why not?” anymore.



It’s a slippery uphill battle.



At least we can complain.



But despite it all… uhhhh.



And then there are the “worth it” moments.

Smiled At Last

Kids, man. You’ve gotta love ’em. Because if we didn’t we’d probably hate ’em.

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