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It was bound to happen

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In my five-plus years of dating, I’ve connected with thousands of men from various dating sites. Some have only been through email, others progressed to a phone call, and I’ve actually met face-to-face with 101 of them.

I’ve never run into any of the ones who didn’t make it to the coffee date.

Until today.

A man attended my seminar who looked vaguely familiar. Then his voice struck a chord. How did I know him? I wracked my brain. Then it struck me clearly — I had talked to him after we went through the eHarmony get-to-know-you process. In fact, he’s one of just a handful who talked to me via Skype video chat so his mannerisms were clearer than if we’d just talked by phone.

It was a bit awkward for me throughout the seminar to know that he and I had toyed with the possibility of dating. But I didn’t get a sense that he recognized me.

Afterward, I asked him if he lived in the nearby town where I thought he was from. He said he did. Bingo. Then I said I had a question for him I’d ask when everyone had cleared the room. He was intrigued. I asked if he’d ever been on eHarmony and he said yes. I shared that we’d chatted one night. He smiled, but didn’t remember the connection. No problem as I was surprised myself since we’d only had one conversation.

So now that we’ve officially met, am I interested in getting to know him better. Not really. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and his comments in the session were intelligent and articulate, but I wasn’t drawn to him. And he made no sign he would be interested in getting to know me better either.

So we will see. I have a rule about not dating clients, and although he’s not technically a client, he is the employee of one. So even if we were both interested in getting to know one another more, it would have to wait until I was done with this 2-month engagement.

Have you ever run into someone you’d met virtually from a dating site but never met in person? Share with us what happened.

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