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Irene Conlan says “Let’s Chat”

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Let's chatUnfortunately, our scheduled guest for this week’s show is not able to join us. It’s been a very long time since I had the opportunity to do the show alone so I’m going to take it.  Many of you listen to the show as a download later. But if you listen to it “live” I invite you to call in. Let’s chat.

We are going to talk a little about this and that…you know how that goes. We will discuss the blog, some of my favorite Self-Improvement tools, and some of the interesting items that have come to my attention lately—some of the anger that’s erupting in the form of riots and shootings and other ways of acting out. The question, “How do we remain positive” when there is so much negativity all around us?” come to mind. And I always like to consider the impact the media has on our daily behavior—how we dress, how we walk and talk, how we compare ourselves with the “super stars.”   Authenticity is always a good topic for discussion, especially these days when we hear so much about “real people.”

I may even tell you about the delightful town I live in. Who knows? The picture above is of our fountain and fountain park.  Jack Harwick, the love of my life and the best photographer I know took the picture.  The park is filled with enticing art and a fountain that spouts every hour on the hour. According to information for the town, “At its full height of 560 feet, the fountain in the center of Fountain Hills is higher than the Washington Monument. It is 10 feet taller than Notre Dame Cathedral, 110 feet higher than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and three times as high as Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park.” The lake is rimmed with wonderful art and several kinds of birds swim there—ducks and geese mainly.  It is a place to meet and enjoy your friends, walk your dog or “just be.”

If you have something you’d like to share, give us a call at 888-346-9141 and we’ll talk. It’s really easy. The engineer, usually Aaron, will answer the phone and let me know you’re on. As soon as I finish my thought, it’s your turn. Such fun.

Having an hour to talk about anything and everything is always an adventure for me and I’d love to have you join me.  So come on. Let’s chat.



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