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I’m in love

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He’s tall — 6’3-1/2″.

He’s dark — with a perpetual tan.

He’s handsome — drop dead gorgeous.

He has a deep, sexy voice.

He’s funny, humble and adorable.

He’s athletic — a former NFL player.

Our 19-year age difference doesn’t seem to matter.

There’s only one problem…

We’ve never met.

In fact, he has no idea I’m alive.

And there’s that pesky issue of his girlfriend.

Plus, I’m afraid I’m not the only woman who has gone gaga for this man. In fact, not just straight women are entranced. Ellen DeGeneres said she had to meet him once she saw him.

So I guess there’s more than one problem.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my love interest is an actor. But not the usual George, Brad or Colin. He’s Isaiah Mustafa, “the man your man could smell like” in the 2010 Old Spice commercials.

While we women know that there are few midlife men who have Isaiah’s all-over charm and stunning good looks, we can always admire those god-like specimens from afar. As long as we don’t reject the mere mortals who have other stellar qualities coupled with perhaps a little paunch, receding hairline, or wrinkles. Just as we hope they accept that unlike Jen, Angelina and Halle, we have crow’s feet, muffin tops, and cellulite.

We can pay tribute to modern day Narcissus’s and Aphrodites, but more often the true gods and goddesses come in less striking packages. Their divineness exudes through their kindness, compassion, caring and generosity.


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