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Hyper-Real, Hyper-Freaky 3D of Cartoon Characters

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I’m a designer, so I work with visuals, but 3D art has always astounded me. I tried to learn it one and was able to create a cylinder with a cone sticking out of its side. So yeah. I gave up on that form of creative, but my respect for 3D artists has only deepened.

Have you ever seen someone and thought they kind of looked like a certain cartoon character? Like, “huh, he reminds me of Homer Simpson” or “that guy looks like Peter from Family Guy.” Well, now imagine you’re doing that within a vivid, terrifying nightmare.

Some of these may make you wish you stared at the eclipse, but these 3D renders by Wil Hughes are still pretty amazing.

Homer Simpson


Rick & Morty










Peter Griffin


Nigel Thornberry


Troll Face


Patrick Star


SpongeBob SquarePants


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