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How to be hot

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No, I am not going to tell you to wear low-cut tops, skin-tight clothes nor mini-skirts. Although that is hot on some women for some men. But that’s not the tip I want to tell you.

I’m going to share something I’ve stumbled on in my dating adventure. It may be old hat to you. I’ve been surprised at how universal the effect is on most men, even married pals.

First, though, you may think it odd for me, a woman who is far from svelte to be sharing a tip on how to be hot. But part of the coolness of this tip is that it works with nearly any body type. I’ve learned that “hot” has less to do with one’s body but more with how one carries oneself.

That’s not the tip. But it’s part of it.

People most often list “confidence” as a quality they want in a mate. Many men find women sexy who have good posture, a confident walk, look them in the eye, smile easily and speak assuredly. If a woman also dresses like she likes her body — no matter what its size and shape — many men find that appealing. In fact, a hint of cleavage is much more seductive to many men than showing a lot. A 6″ slit in the front of a skirt showing just a little thigh is much more enticing to many men than a mini-skirt or a high slit.

But the tip I want to share is most appealing when combined with all of the last paragraph. I’ve gotten the most “you’re hot” comments from pals and dates when I’ve worn … patterned hose. I had no idea this was such a turn on to men!

Tasteful, large-paned fishnet-type hose rarely goes unnoticed. You can have subtle fishnets, stripes, lace or herringbone, but the bolder the pattern the better — at least on the hotness meter. But don’t go into garish, wild colors and patterns — those reduce hotness. Men also seem to really like hosiery with a seam up the back, as long as your skirt is above the knee so they can see and appreciate that sexy seam.

But patterned hose on a slouching, timid, dowdily dressed woman isn’t alluring. Men have told me that it takes a confident woman to wear patterned hose that calls attention to her legs. And it doesn’t seem to really matter the shape of your legs — within reason. I have muscular calves and chubby thighs. This doesn’t curtail the comments. But I’m not wearing mini-skirts, either.

So, if you don’t already own at least one pair of patterned hosiery, get to the store or online and order a pair. Stand up straight, smile, and feel even more sexy. Tell me how it works for you.


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