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How the Future of Business Could Look

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Technology continues to evolve all around us to the point where sometimes it feels like we are already living in the future. Then there are other times where we realize we aren’t where we thought we would be by now; like with hovercars, self-lacing sneakers, hologram ads, and just about everything else Back to the Future II got wrong about 2015.

But they did get a couple of things right. They anticipated a larger use of robots in our daily and work lives, which is certainly becoming true in warehouses and in our homes with vacuums. They predicted that we would use facial and eye recognition as well as fingerprint readers, which are used on smartphones worldwide now. The hoverboard scene is finally somewhat a reality thanks to Tony Hawk and the Hendo Hoverboard.

We are on the verge of making some of the other predictions into a reality, along with other far-fetched ideas from the past that no one would have thought possible or realistic at the time.

So what new technology could be coming out in the near future to mold how business is done? Here are some visual concepts that could change how you work in the future office.

Conference Calls Are More Like Star Trek

While we won’t be time (or space) traveling anytime soon, your business is about to save a ton of money on flight expenses.

Musion, who brought the Beatles, Beethoven, and Michael Jackson back to life on stage, is working with Intel to make holographic telepresence a real thing.

Instead of flying or having conference calls, you would be able to produce holographic 3d images of others right in your room as if they were there.

Certainly they will have their kinks to work out in the beginning, but this is something that could take over conference meetings as we know them.

Eat Your Office Building

While you won’t technically be able to eat the building, you will be able to scale it as there are concepts to have gardens on rooftops, building sides, and throughout the office.


But that’s not all.

Because our wearable gadgets like Fitbit keep evolving, eventually they will get so good that they will know  your health metrics and when you are in need of certain vitamins or minerals. As you walk by a plant that can up those levels you will be alerted to take some of that fruit or vegetable.

This is an effort to keep you healthier, energetic, and more productive throughout the work day. Our wearables will also be able to identify and possibly predict sicknesses, in hopes of employees taking less sick days throughout the year.

More Open Office Plan

As the baby boomers are getting older and retiring, Generation X and Y are taking over the workforce. One thing they don’t like, especially Generation Y, is sitting at a cubicle all day.

Leading companies like Facebook and Google already promote free and open workspaces to allow creativity to flourish. But not everyone is an extrovert and needs their privacy to get their work done. There are concepts being made to allow for introverts to still have their private workspace in a balance of open and private floorplans.

And if Facebook and Google are doing it, maybe it’s the path we should all follow.

One thing that businesses need to keep in mind when creating more open office plans is the security of their employees. Not all employees should have access to every floor of an enterprise building. Visitors especially should have limitations to what floors and offices they have entry access to. Having identity solutions like visitor management as well as employee access management will help to keep your employees secure in any future office plan.

As long as technology, hackers, and robots don’t take over the world, there is plenty of future technology that is going to make us more productive and automate more tasks than ever before. Let’s just hope that comes sooner rather than later.

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