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Don’t Die With Your Music

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Don’t Die With Your Music

I had been working in a corporate job for close to 20 years, a job that I scarcely enjoyed and rarely felt any sense of purpose from. I was juggling it with my true passion (my music) for all those years. I kept the music as a hobby because I didn’t truly embrace my gift and didn’t see it as anything other than a tool for selling cds, playing concerts and making people smile. I was nudged over and over and over to pursue it as my life’s work, and I just didn’t have the capacity to take in and receive the words of encouragement of those around me. Many would even react with shock that I had a “day job”, and even these strong reactions didn’t get me to make a shift. I continued on in a job that wasn’t fulfilling me and was clearly not my purpose.

I was “told” I have a profoundly powerful gift but I really didn’t believe it, and I certainly wasn’t honoring it. I was told that I needed to “trust the universe” that I could make a “living” pursuing work through my music. I heard that cliché so many times before, but for some reason, the words always fell short and my fears won the debate. The finances won’t be there; the bills will pile up; the music will then feel like “work” so the joy will be taken out of it; and – last but not least – most likely I will go crawling back to my “old life”. Looking back now, I see that this is where most people recoil from using their gifts and following their dreams, not realizing that if your dream has a higher purpose it simply cannot fail because it’s a divine mission.

I wasn’t seeing it from God’s perspective. I was looking at it from my own perspective. I wasn’t recognizing that the Universe (God) had given me this gift and my gift back was to use it! I wasn’t willing to follow the advice of my own song “Don’t Die With Your Music” which was inspired by my spiritual teacher and hero, Wayne Dyer. It is one of my most popular songs. It brings down the house every time. But I wasn’t following the advice—at all.

I innately knew that all of my songs were profoundly useful spiritual teachings and that they create profound transformations in the listeners because I write them as therapy for myself. I was completely devoted to the work of spiritual discovery, personal transformation, and healing. I was absolutely on fire, writing song after song with no training or musical education whatsoever, but none of this stood as evidence that I could make this my life’s work.

I plodded on letting my dream and my gift sit on the sidelines.

This all shifted dramatically with one conversation. I volunteer once a month at a local Wellness Center that provides holistic treatment, services, and therapies to cancer patients and their families. My service includes a healing song circle for the members. It is always a wonderful experience to share songs with the guests at the center, many of whom just came from chemo or other medical treatments and needed something more relaxing and nurturing. I always feel that they enjoy the songs and maybe even find some inspiration, but that is about where it ended. Or so I thought.

I had no idea what an impact this music was having until I was approached by Susan. She came to nearly every song circle as one of the regulars and had also been out to some of my local concerts. She approached me to share her story of how the music literally changed her life.

Susan shared with me that she was ready to give up. She was ready to tell her loved ones that she felt she lived a good life, done what she needed to do, had this illness now, and was ready to go. She basically said, in no uncertain terms, that she was ready to die. And it wasn’t even a negative decision in her mind—she just felt it was time.

This was until she heard my music.

She said it reawakened her, gave her a new inspiration to live, and she

made a conscious decision to keep on going! She said this to me with conviction, clarity, and a sense of urgency, as if to tell me that this music needs to get out to more people. I was stunned, humbled, and felt a sense of clarity like I had never experienced before. I saw that this was so far beyond the CDs and the concerts and the events. This was about touching people’s lives in the deepest, most sacred way. And this wasn’t about me. This was about the gift I was given.

This isn’t my music, it’s God’s music. And we all have “music” in us— the thing we came here to do. God speaks through us and it is done through our unique gifts, our talents, our passions, and our enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is to be filled with God inside. When we fully express our gifts, we are fulfilling our mission here on earth and it is so much larger than ourselves. We realize that we are the messengers of the divine and there is no greater vocation that that.

Several months after this encounter, I finally made the leap to become a full-time musician and spiritual teacher. On the next visit to the center, I couldn’t wait to share this news with Susan. As I entered the center I was quite surprised when I saw her sitting behind the desk answering phones. She was now a volunteer at the center. She smiled knowingly at me. She had found the music of her next chapter.

Keep singing. You never know who is listening. Don’t die with your “music” in you.


Bob Sima is a musical mystic, an award-winning singer-songwriter, and a spiritual teacher who weaves a soul-filling, inspired message into each song. Sima, who has shared stages with Marianne Williamson, Gay

Hendricks, Jack Kornfield, Peter Russell and many other luminaries, has been called “Eckhart Tolle with a

guitar.” Sima has a gift for creating 21st century songs infused with the universal truths of ancient wisdom and modern spiritual teachers. He performs concerts, leads workshops, and facilitates retreats throughout the US, creating events that change lives. His lyrics will fill the soul, inspire the mind, and open the heart with topics such as personal transformation; purpose and mission; connection; unity and oneness; awakening; and

consciousness expansion. Join Bob on this journey of music, wisdom, and the path of transformation.

Transform your world; Transform the world. For more, visit his website at www.bobsima.com.

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