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Do You Look As Bad As These Famous Cartoon & Fictional Characters Before Coffee?

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There are coffee experts. And then there are those who aren’t, but are experts at being abysmally tired. A lot of them are parents.

We try to become experts at making ourselves not so tired. A lot of us turn to the liquid wonder of caffein, but we tend to look and feel like absolute shhhhh-omething… before our morning cup (or cups).

Illustrator and designer, Sam Milham (Facebook, Instagram, Website), started creating artwork of what famous cartoon and fictional characters would look like before chugging their precious, life-giving elixir.

“Brew or brew not. There is no decaf.”


“Ugh caramba.”


“Has anyone seen my not-bloodshot eyes?”


“La-la, la-la-la-latte.”


“Pika…” *sigh*


BB- Eight Add Shots


“Eh, don’t even talk to me, Doc.”


“It’ll be easier bein’ green in a couple few several minutes.”


*quiet whimpering*


“No, kids. I am not ready.”


Amazing. I, for one, don’t feel nearly as bad as before about the vacant train wreck I stare at when I’m robotically brushing my teeth in the morning!

For more of this pre-caffeinated genius and other rad and edgy illustrations and designs, check out Sam Milham’s: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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