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Did You Do Your Part(ner)? (Giveaway)

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I partnered with Plum Organics for their Do Your Part(ner) campaign. Isn’t it romantic?


Before this Valentine’s Day swept us all off our feet (or plopped us onto a cozy couch to pass out), I teamed up with Plum Organics for my hopefully-funny Realistic Love Notes for Parents to help launch their Do Your Part(her) campaign, encouraging parents to enrich their lives by depositing some extra love in their heart accounts.

They sent my wife and I a pretty fun and encouraging “Do Your Part(her) kit” with items like a cash card for a dinner or date on Plum, snacks, sweets, breath freshener and um some more… intimate items. We’d taken their DYP Pledge and were going to give it a shot, no matter how rusty Cupid’s aim was!

How did our #DoYourPartner story turn out?

We planned a long-overdue date night. But it turns out making plans is the number one cause of childhood illness.


It’s like some Murphy’s Law; of course our son became a fevered snot factory right before our night of fine food and an exciting film (in an actual theater). Huge surprise, right? So, we rain-checked our plans, and spent the evening cuddling together, watching a family film for the seventeenth or so time – spreading the cold to the whole family, as it turned out. [sigh] [cough]

Honestly, though? It was nice that we even planned something, even if it fell through. Figuring out our date night put a blindingly bright spotlight on how terrible we’d gotten at being romantic.

It was clear we needed to stop being so anti-romantic, saying time and money-saving things like, “My Valentine’s Day gift to you is that you don’t have to get ME one,” with the other saying, “Oh wow, that’s what I got you!” We decided that WILL make it out to our favorite restaurant and see that dang movie. And some intimate… “us time.” Eventually!

Soon. And more often. Maybe multiple times in one night. [wink wink]

Enter to Win a Do Your Part(ner) Kit

So! For a chance to win one of four Do Your Part(her) kits, take the DYP Pledge and then comment with one of your romance wins (or fails). You can comment here, on the Facebook post that brought you here or use #DoYourPartner on Twitter or Instagram.



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