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Dating a fur ball

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There are so many men with many pictures of their dogs on their profiles it makes me wonder if I will be dating their dogs. One man who interested me wrote so glowingly about his dog, I started my communication to him by writing to his dog. The dog wrote back and we had a very fun correspondence. Unfortunately when we met, the man was not as enticing as his dog!

Another beau’s affection for his toy poodles drove me batty. He baby-talked to them incessantly and it was far from masculine and alluring. He was a horrible housekeeper and there was dog hair everywhere. I had to watch what I wore to his house otherwise when I left my clothing would be as furry as the dogs. Same with his car.

I like dogs and cats as they can be fun and loving. But I don’t like when a dog jumps on me when I’m dressed up. Nor do I like smelly cat litter boxes, nor clouds of fur.

Most people adore their pets. I think it’s key that someone you are considering dating seriously at least tolerates your pet. An ex-beau hated cats. When I was a cat owner, he meanly pushed the cat away when the cat tried to say hello.

If you think of your pets as your furry kids, be up front that your pet is very important to you.

And if you’re not the pet owner, at some point you will be spending time with your sweetie’s pet, either at his house, or if the pet is a dog, walking at the park, beach or neighborhood. So whether your sugar’s pet is a dog or cat, learn to carry a lint roller, as you’ll be using it a lot. And bringing the pet treats can help you win it’s owner’s heart, too.


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