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Dad Makes Entire Internet Weep On Daughter’s Last Day Of High School

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He’s been peeling oranges for her lunch since kindergarten, but she’s on her own now

As parents, it’s hard to imagine that one day, our kids won’t need us the way they do when they’re little. Watching them grow into independent people who can live life on their own is the whole goal — but that doesn’t make it easy.

That’s why a tweet about a dad doing a simple thing for his daughter went over very big. Because no parent wants to let go, even though we have to.

Tacoma, Washington high school senior Meg Sullivan has had it made since kindergarten with her dad Tom lovingly packing her lunches every day. BuzzFeed explains that since her parents divorced when she was little, lunch duty fell to Tom, and even though she’s now far beyond kindergarten, he kept doing one small task for her right up until the last day of her senior year.

He peeled her oranges.

Despite the rest of their family making jokes about the lunch-packing ritual, Tom kept it up right until his daughter’s last day of high school. “He ignored us and kept peeling them, and then yesterday when I got to school on my last day of high school, I pulled out my lunch and found two unpeeled oranges and a printout,” Meg explains.

She tweeted the printout and baggie of oranges to an absolutely ridiculous response on Twitter.

The printout is a wikiHow explanation for peeling an orange and the hand-written note from Tom reads, “It’s time baby girl.” The internet’s obviously feeling this sweet show of fatherly emotion as the adorable photos are closing in on 100,000 retweets and have more than 400,000 likes.

Meg says, “I thought it was just going to be a letter saying ‘happy last day of school!’ or something, so when I opened it I couldn’t help but smile.”

Twitter smiled right along with her, but that was after a some solid ugly-crying. Because, come on. This is the sweetest and purest thing of all time.

Even wikiHow weighed in.

Meg says that when she got home from her last day of high school, her dad joked with her about whether she’d “figured out how to peel it,” and she told him with the help of the directions, she had.

But of course, we all know this is about more than just peeling oranges. “I’m his last kiddo leaving for college this year, and you can tell he’s really really sad about it,” Meg shares. “He has always gone above and beyond and is easily the cutest and most caring man I’ll ever know. It’s gonna break my heart to leave him for college no doubt.”

And we’re willing to bet that’s not the only heart in the Sullivan family that will be breaking. Good luck dropping Meg at school this fall, Tom. Us parents will be weeping right along with you.

Image via Meg Sullivan

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