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A Spark of Light at Conception

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A Spark of Light at Conception

The other day at the dog park I was chatting with a friend while Smarty ran and played with the other dogs. My friend is a learned man and I always appreciate our conversations which take interesting turns and twists. He asked me if I had heard about the research study that revealed that when the sperm enters the egg at the time of conception there is a spark of light. I had not.

The thought bounced around in my mind for a few days and finally I decided to Google it to see if he was blowing smoke or if it really is true.

It’s true.

A Spark of Light at Conception

I found a number of articles and read them to the end. Here are a couple and I highly recommend that you read them, too, so you can read the report for yourself. The reports also have stunning pictures and explain the chemical processes that take place to create the spark. There is also a video and the link to it is also below:

This finding has been praised because of the implications for in vitro fertilization showing clearly which fertilized egg looks the healthiest (the healthier it is, the brighter the light). The article only speaks of this application.

Some are saying more

Some are saying that it is proof that life begins at conception and is the answer the anti-abortionists have been looking for. And it may be.

Some say that this is the moment the soul enters the body. Again, it may be. The article does not speak to anything more that the application for in-vitro fertilization.

Some comments say it’s just a chemical reaction and nothing special. Think about it. Everything in our bodies are chemical reactions. We are energy, after all.

Questions in me

But it brought up so many questions for me about what it means spiritually—about the whole notion that I was taught in church that we were conceived in sin and born as sinners—a concept I struggled with all those years in religion.

The major scripture these teachings are based upon is Psalm 51:5 which states “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.” (New International Version) While this is a controversial scripture, it was nevertheless used to teach me that I was “conceived in sin” and “I was born a sinner.” I was taught that it was important to baptize an infant because if it died he/she would go to hell or limbo or someplace for baby sinners (depending on which church you were attending). Some taught it but didn’t say what happened if a baby died.

I never understood this teaching and questioned many religious leaders about it. The answer was basically that it was in the Bible and, therefore, was what we believed.

I struggled with it. Looking at the innocence of the newborn and looking into the eyes of a baby and a tiny child seemed to say different to me.

I was also taught that “God is Love.” I could not reconcile the two teachings. If God is Love how could He/She condemn a baby to eternal punishment just because it was born?

I was told not to ask the questions and I gradually drifted away from doctrine and dogma and organized religion.

I did NOT cease loving God and seeking answers to seemingly unanswerable questions.

We are Conceived in Light

When I read about the spark of Light as the sperm enters the egg, my whole being was stunned with the thought “WeLight at conception are conceived in Light.” It resonated deep within me. I have brought it up to several deeply spiritual beings. They reacted the same way.

I Googled it.

I found nothing more than I quoted at the beginning of this article.

Surely others have had the same thought.

It changes everything.

It confirms to me that we are indeed “Beings of Light,” conceived-in-Light. Sparks of God (or Source or the Universe or whatever your term for the Divine may be).

It tells me that the places my Spirit has led me have been true, that the longing of my heart was, indeed, noticed.

The week after I learned this, I heard Bob Sima’s new song, Because You Are Light. It made my soul sing along with it. The lyrics say: (Go to to hear it).


© 2015 Bob Sima Music, It’s Time, Released 5 February 2016

You are not your story, no, no, no; You are not your story, no, no, no
You are not your story, let it go; You are not your story, let it go

It’s a figment of your imagination, it’s fleeting and it’s ever changing
But you are not your story, no, no, no

Because you are light, because you are light, because you are light

You are not your body, no, no, no; You are not your body, no, no, no
You are not your body let it go; You are not your body, no, no, no

It was given for your every pleasure, it’s temporary, the greatest treasure
But you are not your body, no, no, no

Because you are light, because you are light, because you are light
Because you are light, because you are light, because you are light

And we radiate just like the oldest stars
We permeate the thickest walls and we shine right through it all

You are not the drop, you are the sea, you are a reflection back at me
You are everywhere and every place, you are the divine, you are the grace

Every single star is a sun
We are not the many, we are the one

Because we are light, because we are light, because we are light
Because we are light, because we are light, because we are light
Because we are light, because we are light, because we are light

You are not your story, let it go

I leave it here. It is important that you find the answers that make your soul sing. This is not a statement of fact or of faith. I don’t expect you to “buy in>” But I ask you to consider it.

What a difference it makes! Conceived in Light!



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