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A broad dating abroad

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Do you sometimes feel you’ve explored all the eligible men in your area who meet your criteria? Perhaps you’ve modified your online searches and lowered your requirements and still no one compelling has expressed mutual interest.

You need to try something new. Dramatically different.

For me, I’m trying not only a different route, but a different continent. I’m expanding my sweetheart quest to Europe. I’m working and playing there for the month of April so am changing my online profile to reflect my temporary home cities. We’ll see what happens.

I’m starting in London for a week. We’ll see if I discover anyone interesting while I’m enjoying business and pleasure activities. I’ve already got a tea date set up with a London red bus driver  I “met” online. (For those who know I’m a job snob, this is clearly a lark.)

Traditional wisdom is that long-distance relationships rarely work. But I’m willing to experiment to broaden my adventure.

Stay tuned for dating stories from a broad abroad, or, at the least, a few travelogues.

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