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5 Fun Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Daily Life

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In this busy world of ours, we always forget to be thankful. But did you know that gratitude is the key to attracting positive things? Gratitude gives us many benefits to our entire being, which includes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, not to mention attracting the positive vibrations which we certainly prefer. So, if you want to reap these benefits, you need to always remind yourself to be thankful every day. Here are fun ways to practice gratitude in your daily life:

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Grab a notebook and every day write all the things that you are thankful for. You should write all the good things, grace, benefits, and gifts, even of the tiniest detail. Setting aside a few minutes of your time daily to recall such grateful events and happenings in your life will give you a life full of gratefulness.

  1. Create a Calendar of Gratitude

Aside from a traditional gratitude journal, you can also make a calendar of gratitude that you update every month. It may be a simple shopping day for your mom or a pajama party with your friends. At the end of the year, you can read everything you have written and feel gratefulness within you.

  1. Create a gratitude collage

With the current advancement of technology today, creating a collage is an easy task. You can gather pictures of people, things, or places that make you feel grateful and stack them into one picture. You can then use it as your desktop background or mobile phone wallpaper to be constantly reminded of everything that you have been so grateful for.

  1. Write a letter of gratitude

Do you have a mentor who moved you with their teaching? Is there someone who made a difference in your life? When was the last time that you told them you are grateful to them for appearing in your life? Grab a pen and a paper and sit down, write a handwritten letter and tell them how grateful you are to them for coming into your life. It will be much better if you can read it out loud to them.

  1. Make a “Gratitude Spot” in your home

Isn’t it great if you also influence your family members to practice gratefulness? You can do this by saving a spot in your home and using it as a gratitude spot. Your family members should be encouraged to record every little thing they are grateful for every day. Here are some ideas for a gratitude spot:

  • Put up a whiteboard or a bulletin board in the center of your home, for example in the living room, where they can put up their thank you notes.
  • Use your refrigerator. You can use small pieces of paper and magnets or sticky notes. Also, make sure that there is an easy access to a pen. And when your family members walk past the fridge, tell them to write anything that made them grateful for the day.
  • Use a certain empty wall in your house and you can use sticky notes to put up your thank you notes on it.
  • You can also use a jar, not only can it help you practice gratitude, it also adds a nice design to your home. Set up colorful scraps of papers and a pen on its side so that your family can write everything they are grateful for.

Final Thoughts:

I hope that at least a couple of these practices to be gratitude resonated with you. If so, I hope you use them in order to practice gratefulness in your daily lives. Be grateful always and you will live your life to the fullest.

Never get tired of saying “Thank You.”

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