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5 Amazing Black Friday Amazon Deals for Parents

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Looking for some amazing Black Friday deals delivered straight to your door? Look no further – we’ve compiled the very best deals for parents all in one easy place. Happy shopping!

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1. The 7″ Fire Tablet. Get your kid the hell off of your phone and onto their very own tablet – for a mere ($33.33 – 33% off.) Outfit it with millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle e-books, apps and games and get some much needed quiet time.

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2. The Echo Dot. Want to bark orders and actually have them followed for once? Voila. “Alexa – play me some music!” “Alexa, order me some pizza!” No eye rolls, no heavy sighs and no blatant ignoring. All to the tune of ($39.99 – 33% off.)



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3. Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker. Consider this a slow cooker on steroids – enjoy slow cooked tasting meals in under an hour. It’s as close to Jetson style living as we can get these days, and it’s freaking amazing. ($68.95 – 47% off.)

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4. GoPro HERO. The GoPro captures moments like no normal camera or video camera can – take it underwater, have your kid wear it taking their first steps or solo bike ride. You’ll regret not getting it sooner, we promise. ($89.99 – 31% off.)

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5. BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. Block the world – and the kids – out with these kick ass headphones. ($84.99– 47% off.)

For those in a Prime Now eligible city, new Prime Now customers can get $15 off today and an extra $5 off next week and repeat customers can get $5 off today and an extra $5 off next week. Most of the Amazon deals are available on Prime Now, so you can add these discounts to the already discounted prices. Woot! Join here.


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