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3 Smartphone App Tutorials to Help You Get Started

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Do you have an insightful idea for an app, but have no idea how to make it yourself? Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a technology expert to create your own app. In fact, there are several helpful tutorials available to help walk you through the steps for creating an app. Whether you want to develop apps for Android or iPhone, a little research is all you need to bring your ideas to fruition.

Building Your First App

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If you’re eager to make an Android app, why not go straight to the source? On the official Android website, you’ll find the Building Your First App tutorial. This tutorial functions like a crash course in app development. It’s based on building small apps, which is perfect for those who are just dipping their toes into the application development world.

The Building Your First App tutorial goes over all of the key steps you’ll need to take in creating your app, including how to create an Android project and the fundamentals of Android app design. It also covers how to create a user interface and how to manage user input. Creating an Android app can potentially be very profitable since many of the latest new and affordable smartphones run on the Android operating system.

One helpful part of this tutorial is that it leads you right to the application development tools you’ll need to create your app. When you go to the tutorial page, you’ll find direct links to Android Studio and the SDK Manager, both of which you’ll need to make your app happen. If those names don’t sound familiar, don’t worry – you’ll learn how to use these tools over the course of the tutorial.

How to Create a Simple iPhone App

Building a Simple iPhone App

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If you want a step-by-step tutorial for iPhone apps that doesn’t gloss over the details, check out a user-friendly iOS tutorial from web developer Ray Wenderlich called How to Create a Simple iPhone App. The three-part tutorial includes everything you need to know about creating an app for the iPhone, including how to use Mac tools like Mavericks and Xcode to build your creation.

This tutorial is especially helpful in that it uses an example app (in this case, an app where you rate insects) and follows the app creation process from start to finish. The fact that this tutorial uses a real-life example makes it much easier to follow than tutorials which take a vague tone.

Like the Building Your First App tutorial for Android, the How to Create a Simple iPhone App tutorial is great for beginners. It focuses on simple apps with a fairly straightforward design.

Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor

Are you looking to make your app quickly and efficiently? Then take a look at the Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor tutorial from Smashing Magazine. This app walks you through the creation of a simple app using Meteor, a JavaScript framework that works with Node. This tool helps simplify the app creation process by using just one code base for both the client and the server. Plus, it uses a reactive setup, so any changes you make are reflected throughout the app automatically.

Unlike the tutorials above, Building An App In 45 Minutes With Meteor is geared towards someone who is more familiar with programming. However, it still spells out the process from start to finish in a way that makes it easy to read, understand, and follow. For example, the tutorial takes time to explain how Meteor apps work, ways to make your app secure, and expert tips for streamlining the process of app development. If you need a little extra help, simply look at the end of the tutorial for further resources focused on app creation with Meteor.

While you do need a bit of a tech-savvy nature to create your own app, it’s certainly something that even beginners can do with a little bit of time, focus, and effort. Use the helpful tutorials listed here to turn your idea into an app that can potentially earn profits.

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