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12 Rad Dad Moments

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Rad dad moments aren’t just ninja reflexes for those lightning-fast saves. Teaching, playing, wrangling, soothing, patiently enduring; it can be any kind of dadding.

These moments don’t even have to be experiences that anyone else witnesses – moments your kid might not even be aware of their specialness. When you’re just proud of yourself and think, “That was some good dadding right there.”


1) Superdad to the rescue!

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2) Dad Smackdown!

Rad Dad Moments
(Even better with sound! Watch in a new window.)


3) Dining with style.

Rad Dad Moments


4) No balloon left behind!

Rad Dad Moments


5) Showing them the ropes.

Rad Dad Moments


6) Taking them on errands.

Rad Dad Moments


7) Making that belly jiggle with laughter.

Rad Dad Moments
(Even better with sound! Watch in a new window.)


8) Teaching them to be winners!

Rad Dad Moments


9) Calmly talking them through mistakes.

Adorable Kid Cuts His Own Hair

Parents should be less afraid of a kid running with scissors than the fear of the clumpy monk mullet they'll give themselves.

Posted by HowToBeADad on Tuesday, May 9, 2017


10) Catching them when they fall.

Rad Dad Moments


11) Holding them unflinchingly through pain.

Rad Dad Moments


12) Showing them a whole new world.

Rad Dad Moments

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